On-Site Process



What do you want your audience to hear, see and feel?  What message are you trying to convey? What is the call to action? The On-Site Studios team will work side by side with you from the beginning of your project to answer these questions as well as to help lay out a comprehensive video strategy for your organization.



Every great video starts with a solid foundation.  Our online scheduling portal, Backstage, makes pre-production easy.  Would you like graphics, animations, or specific B-roll to enhance your project?  No problem. Add those ideas to your project form, schedule your filming session with your producer, and we will take care of the rest.



This is when ideas become reality. Simply go to your studio, turn on the lights, mic the talent and On-Site will take it from there. You are connected face to face with your On-Site Producer who will help your talent feel comfortable and confident as they deliver their message. On-Site has full control of the cameras, audio and all of the production equipment to ensure great video capture each and every time.



Once the footage is captured, it is downloaded to our servers. Your On-Site Producer will carefully assemble the story and bring your vision to life.  Need a new image put in? Do you have a title change for your subject? We can help. On-Site will work with you to make adjustments through the post-production process to ensure that your video not only meets your goals, but will make the most impact.


Finished Video

Once your video is complete, On-Site will deliver a final version that can be used on all desired platforms. You will have the video you need, created to your specifications, without the time, hassle or budgetary constraints of conventional production.  That is the On-Site promise.

Building Relationships One Video At A Time