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Livestreaming lets you broadcast online in real time using an easily accessible public or private platform such as Facebook Live, along with a camera and an internet connection. The uses for livestreaming are varied, so it's important to find out what your audience would be interested in watching, and flesh it out with engaging, dynamic content. Some ideas could include product/service demos, Q and A's, interviews, training, educational speeches, and more.

Remember, it is a live event, so make sure you take advantage of it by getting your viewers involved and interacting with them. Viewer interaction guarantees engagement, helping you build better relationships and giving your audience something they can’t get from pre-recorded video. Here’s what makes livestreaming so great.  

Setup Flexibility

Livestreaming can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. At the most basic level, you just need a device with a camera and an internet connection, while a more advanced setup could involve multiple cameras and a camera switcher to control the action. With livestreaming, you can decide what works best to reach your audience while also meeting your budgetary requirements. 

Pre-event Marketing

You should build up your live event as a can’t-miss opportunity by marketing it to your target audience. Ask them what they would like to see. Offer them a gift if they register early. Make your audience feel like they will be missing out on something special if they don't attend, so creating a sense of urgency to tune in and watch is a major priority. 


To aid in the marketing of your company and your livestream, it’s a great idea to give something away. That doesn’t necessarily mean a free product or service, but offer your attendees a free white paper if they sign up for your newsletter. You could also send out show notes or a powerpoint of your presentation, just for attending your event. 

Audience Interaction

Another huge benefit of livestreaming is audience interaction. Give them the ability to ask questions or post comments. Respond to those questions during the event to really draw people in. Not only does it allow the audience to get answers they might not otherwise have gotten, but it helps build trust with your company.  

Post-event Follow-up

Another major benefit to livestreaming is the ability to follow-up after the event. If some audience questions didn’t get answered, send them a response. Send out a survey asking for input. This will allow you to tailor future events to what your audience is looking for. It can also allow you to pinpoint what might not be working with your livestream. Maybe they liked that you had a product demonstration but not how it was shown. Post-event surveys are key to tailor your message to reach your audience better next time. 

Post-event Content

Even though it is a live event, recording it is a good idea to use as future content. Take snippets of your livestream and put those out on social media channels. This allows you to get the best of both worlds. The livestream is geared towards people that already like your business while the snippets you take from the livestream can allow you to reach a wider audience and pull in new customers. 

On-Site Studios Integration

If you’re a client of On-Site Studios, we can take your livestream to the next level. We can use your On-Site studio to its fullest extent by using your green screen to give you a specialized background for your event. We take advantage of the fact that your studio is equipped with multiple cameras to offer a variety of angles to give your viewers a variety of perspectives. We can also put names and titles on screen, play videos, display pictures, and more. It’s even possible to have multiple people onscreen, even if they're not in the same location.. All these things give your livestream a more polished look and help the viewer stay engaged.  

Livestreaming is a lot of fun and adds a new and interesting element to your current marketing strategy. With proper planning, you’ll be able to successfully develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with current customers while growing your customer base. 


Lance Stratton

Lance Stratton

Lance has worked in the video production industry for over 15 years. He has been involved in all aspects of the video-making process including writing, planning, shooting and editing. He loves bringing a client's vision to life and sharing it with the world.