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Video is a medium made up of many ingredients that all work together to convey a message. Videos can be simple, complex, funny, serious, heartfelt, informative, beautiful, edgy, or anything your creativity can dream up. 

But despite how many formats and styles there are available, there are certain video elements that should always be made a priority in order to ensure your final piece stands out. What are they? The team of video producers, editors, and client care here at On-Site Studios answers the question: 

If you have to pick just one, what is the most important element in a great video?


1 | OPEN

I believe the most important element of a video is the first few seconds.  It has to grab the viewer's attention, clearly show what the video is going to be about and be entertaining while getting your point across.   -Missy


Any video without clear content is just bland. You have to have a point. You don’t want to confuse the person watching it.   -Hau

I would say the most important element of a great video is relatable content that triggers emotion. If a video can make the viewer smile, cry, get goosebumps, or think about things a little differently, it is sure to make an impact and inspire action.   -Ashley

I can get past it if certain elements of a video aren’t perfect, but if the story isn’t good, I can’t sit through it.   -Jack

I feel that the content of a video is the most important element. Getting a strong and direct message out quickly and directly catches people’s attention.   -Michelle W.

A clear message gives a story purpose and helps to shape how you go about sharing that idea. Once that's in place you can design, edit, and tell a story that services that concept.   -Lance H.

3 | GOAL

You should shoot with a purpose in mind so that you’re always working towards something specific.   -Ben


If you don’t have good framing, your video is going to suck. Without proper framing, you don’t know where to focus when you’re watching the video.   -Roemon


Poor footage can be forgiven if the audio is good. But even if you have the best camera in the world, if the audio is poor quality, the whole video will feel cheap.   -Ross

6 | B-ROLL

I’m a very visual person, so I need something to look at other than a talking head in order to keep my interest. Plus, if you have a complex topic to explain, visuals like charts or diagrams or even a text graphic can really help solidify an idea for the viewer.   -Kacie


You can really take a video to the next level with the right music. You can add new life to it, whether that’s upbeat or serious in tone.   -Lance S.


While visuals and music are very important, a good video starts with a great character. The way the person explains their story, their tone of voice, and the specific words they use. That's what keeps me interested and watching until the end.   -Heather

Kacie Mischler Bass

Kacie Mischler Bass

Kacie has been with On-Site Studios since 2021 as a video producer/editor.