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Animation & Design


Custom animations and branded graphics packages designed just for you. Everything from simple text animations to complex character rigs and animated environments is possible. The only limitation to creativity is your imagination and time.

Get to Know the Process

We want to keep our animation process as streamlined and collaborative as possible so that we can effectively dedicate our time to designing something uniquely yours.

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  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
  • Stage 4
  • Stage 5
  • Stage 6

Getting Started / Establishing Deadlines

Let us know what you’re thinking.

The project starts by filling out a questionnaire on our online scheduling site-- Backstage.  The project form contains essential questions that will help us gauge the scope of your project from the start. Please think of this as our work order for your video, as it will provide us with the information needed to work through the project together.

Please let us know when you’d like to see the first proof and when the project needs to be completed. Establishing whom all will need to sign off on proofs is essential to keep the revision process as seamless as possible.


 ✅ What do you want to say?

You do not need to worry about how the video will look at this point. At this point, we need to nail down what the message is. This is critically important in the animation process. Unlike video, where we can quickly re-edit as needed, animations often need to be restarted entirely if the messaging changes. Your message must be locked down and approved before any animation process can continue.

If you have ideas for visuals in the video, you can include them, but that is not the main focus of this stage. If you need help curating a script, we can help you make your message as clear and concise as possible.


 ✅ How do you want it to look?

Once the script is approved and you have provided any brand standards/colors/fonts and footage to be included in the video, we will design a storyboard (and create artwork if needed) to convey the look and feel to match the script. This is our outline for the project's visuals so we can approve messaging before the animation begins. We will upload the storyboard to our collaboration site Frame.io so you can comment with any revisions. Fine-tune and approve all aspects of the animation style here so that the Initial Animation is ready to be reviewed by your entire team.


 ✅ Does your project need voice-over?

If your project requires a voiceover, please provide that to us. If you’d like On-Site to assist with this, you can choose from our demo reel of voiceover talent, and we will get it recorded once you make a selection.

If you need help finding music, we will send you sample tracks you can choose from.


 ✅ Time for it to come to life!

Once the script, storyboard, and audio are approved, we will move on to animation. We will upload the Initial Animation to Frame for review. You can post any revisions right on the timeline in Frame. We will work with you to make any changes to make the animation perfect.

All approving members of your team need to review the Initial Animation to ensure updates align with the goal of the finalized project. 

⚠️ Note that we expect that these revisions will be minimal, as we will have identified any content or style changes in the scripting and/or storyboarding stages.

We recommend compiling as many revisions as possible for efficiency purposes before submitting comments in Frame. We will then make the revisions and upload a new version once we receive your update request.


 ✅ Finalize and Share Your Work

Once you mark the video Approved in Frame.IO, we will upload a finalized, unwatermarked version ready for you to download instantly. This will also be the time we will add captions to the video if that has been requested.

⚠️ Note that captions will not be added until all parties have approved the video.

Animation Styles

Inspire creativity with some animation-style samples.  With On-Site, you can develop custom animations and branded graphics to fit your needs.  Don't feel limited by what you see.  Mix and match elements from different styles and collaborate with On-Site to develop a look and style that tells your story.


Animation Styles