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Multi-Camera Video Production Tips

Having trouble finding the right camera position for your multi-camera production? This short video can help! Choosing the right angle for your secondary camera can greatly improve the final outcome of your multi-camera production. The most common use of multi-camera...

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Best Practices for Filming B-Roll

In this short On-Site Studios blog video we will discuss the best practices for filming B-Roll content for your videos. Following the simple techniques outlined in this video will greatly improve the quality of the B-Roll you shoot!

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The Science of Video Engagement

The science of video engagement is an often overlooked topic, so we decided to take some time to show you why these concepts are so vital. The purpose of this short video is to shed light on the importance of using video to engage clients. Also, we discuss "why"...

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Pre-Production Keys To Success!

Pre-Production is crucial to the success of any size video production. This short video was created to help you prepare for your time in an On-Site Studio. Following these steps will help to ensure more enjoyable studio time as well as decrease the time between...

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Video Marketing Tips

Video marketing is king! With the explosion of robust delivery platforms like YouTube, marketing teams can explore exciting new avenues in the world of video. The purpose of this video is to provide you with the tools you'll need to promote your content in the right...

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How To Make The Best Of YouTube

YouTube is arguably the largest and most important content delivery system of our day. Therefore, it is vital that marketers in all fields take advantage of this robust platform to spread the word about their products and services. The purpose of this video is to...

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